Emma Gaffney

Associate Director

Always a people person, Emma knows how to get the best from those she works with and ensures her clients and colleagues always get that warm, fuzzy feeling!

Naturally drawn to the culture & ambitions of Hot Black, Emma realised that her passion for customer service paired well with her love of socialising which made her the perfect fit for the business. As Associate Director, she is responsible for aligning the team, brand and client delivery, as well as ensuring People & Culture is championed throughout the business.

A background in Sales and Marketing – but not in design – has meant that Emma has adopted a unique delivery approach that speaks in layman’s terms to her clients and is hands on in nature. Her time at Hot Black has been focused on leveling up the delivery, team, culture & brand to ensure it’s reflective of everything we value.

A wearer of many hats, Emma looks particularly good in her Brand Ambassador kit and thrives on the success of the business. In her spare time, Emma can be found enjoying a glass of wine with her friends or hunting out the latest “must try” restaurants!

Emma’s favourite project