Eliza Monti


Eliza has been drawn to interior design ever since she received her first doll house as a little girl!

Eliza has always been driven by learning new things & doing something different, with any added challenges considered a bonus! From 5am workouts, to complex project deliverables… Eliza loves to push herself and is reflective in her design work.

In 2016, as a junior designer, Eliza didn’t hesitate to stick her hand up and pioneer the Hot Black office in Sydney when the opportunity came along. What started as Eliza making relationships, winning a project and delivering it as a solo pioneer, the Sydney office is now a successful team of creative individuals spanning architecture, graphics & interiors. 

Ever since, Eliza has continued to cement herself at Hot Black, becoming an Associate of the business and delivering award winning designs. With a split role between design and business development, Eliza is hands on across the board and brings an added bonus of heading up our post-occupancy studies to ensure Hot Black is always learning. With a good understanding of client delivery, and a focused approach to meeting all milestones, Eliza’s diverse portfolio showcases her ability to work closely with her clients whilst maintaining a strong design personality.

Eliza loves a 7.30am “sleep-in” (if you can call that a sleep in!) on the weekend, before heading to pilates and then a swim at the beach. Her afternoon would be spent with friends, enjoying a wine and some delicious food!

Eliza’s favourite project