Duc Le


Loosing his hearing at a young age and migrating to Australia from Vietnam, Duc has never shied away from a challenge!

Duc is our in-house REVIT wizard! Having always had an interest in architecture, Duc was drawn to detailing & precision early on in his career. Having worked on a range of projects and delivery methods previously, Duc attributes his skillset to hardwork (and his ability to block out all other distractions!).

Having been with the business since it’s inception, and as an associate at Hot Black, Duc is always there to lend a helping hand, mentor the team & can carry out a site survey quicker than you can sign “Hello”.

Highly experienced in architectural detailing & the documentation process, Duc leads the team in ensuring that all our docs are of the highest calibre and are resolved in terms of coordination & execution.

Despite what you may think, Duc loves music and he’s always there to cheer on his beloved Hawks footy team!

Duc Le’s favourite project