Ari Mailer-Lyons

Senior Interior Designer

With Ari as part of our team, we're not just designing spaces; we're creating experiences.

Having made the exciting move to Australia with his family from South Africa, Ari brings with him 12 years of invaluable experience in the world of interior design. With a diverse background spanning retail, hospitality, and commercial design, Ari is passionate when it comes to crafting functional, sustainable, and visually captivating spaces.

Ari is also known for his sharp sense of humour and his knack for turning even the most complex design meetings into lively conversations. You’ll often find him engaging everyone with his witty remarks and anecdotes.

What sets Ari apart is his passion for the nitty-gritty of construction. He thrives on delving into the smallest details on site and ensuring that every aspect of a project is meticulously thought out.

No matter the time of day, Ari can always be found entertaining a crowd or chatting the ear off of a balustrade –  whichever listens more…

Ari’s Favourite Project