Alex Macoustra

Graphic Designer

Growing up with a film camera always in hand and a stack of pencils and paints littering her desk, becoming a graphic designer was an inevitable next step for Alex. 

Studying Design in Visual Communication at UTS, Alex has since worked in the built environment industry for over 4 years. She is driven by the endless possibilities of design, delivering conceptual and visually impactful solutions for a variety of creative problems. Alex’s day-to-day involves translating her passion for typography, graphics and photography into a variety of environmental graphics, wayfinding and marketing contexts. 

Joining Hot Black in 2021, she champions the Identity Design & Environmental Graphics offering across the Sydney and Melbourne studios. Working across workplace, hospitality and student accommodation sectors, her creative eye brings the finishing touch into a space, adding carefully considered signage design and playful bespoke graphics which complements the interior design and celebrates the client’s brand & ethos. 

Bringing a distinct point of view to the team, Alex’s attention to detail, love of evocative presentation and somewhat limited interior design terminology, helps her team push their design narrative to excite client and colleagues alike. 

When she’s not madly adjusting kerning or meticulously refining symmetry in her designs, you’ll find Alex walking around the backstreets of Sydney with her Nikkormat, snapping the street life and architecture around her, or sitting in the park with her coffee and notebook, sketching mindlessly.

Alex’s favourite project