Natalie Olsen

Interior Designer
Natalie Olsen

Natalie is a flexible designer with great attention to detail. 

Growing up, Natalie knew she wanted a career in design but initially thought it would be in architecture. As a prelude, she decided to study interior design and quickly realised that this is where her true passion was.

From big picture thinking, to the finer details, Natalie loves all stages of the design process. She is able to pull together a thoughtful and cohesive palette with both the brief and budget in mind and maintains an eagerness to learn in an industry that needs to be responsive to new materials and ideas.  

Natalie contributes her understanding of spaces and human centred design, recognising that collaboration is key to a successful design outcome. She fosters and values excellent relationships with colleagues, clients, consultants and suppliers alike. 

Natalie is often found hanging out with her friends and family or enjoying cuddles with her fur baby!

Nat’s favourite project

Natalie Olsen