Karina Simpson

Workplace Lead

A country girl at heart, Karina swapped riding horses for designing spaces after she watched her first reno reality TV show as a kid! (who said reality TV was a bad thing..?)

Originally from Tamworth, Karina moved inner city to study at Raffles College of Design & Commerce. With an eye for detail and a superior understanding of commercial design, Karina leads our team as Head of Workplace and is evolving the way in which Hot Black approaches the ever changing way of “office life”.

Karina believes great design can be influenced by anything and everything, as long as it connects to the end user and their aspirations. Whilst Karina loves all aspects of her role, she is particularly motivated to figure out what the driving forces of a project are and develop these into a design that allows her to humanise the outcome.

A strong mentor for the team in both technical and creative delivery, Karina’s experience, industry knowledge and understanding is integral to the team’s dynamic. Both staff and clients are able to work closely and openly with Karina, making for strong relationships and successful outcomes.

When Karina can finally be pulled away from the work that she loves, you will find her running around with her young son, playing with dragons and dinosaurs. And when she finally gets some time to herself, you’ll find her relaxing with a good book or binge watching something trashy on Netflix!

Karina’s favourite project