Josh Billington

Associate / Technical Design & Sustainability Strategist
Josh Billington

Design has taken Josh to Bangkok, Delhi, Bethlehem and back again - and whilst the locales have changed, his mantra has not : ‘as designers, everything we do should be beautiful’

Josh is a dad. With his great knowledge of documentation, detailing and delivery, his role at Hot Black is to oversee, develop and mentor… so… you know… be a dad.

Josh hails from Mildura and it’s true what they say – you can take the kid out of the country…. and that is what he did. Josh moved to Adelaide to study Interior Architecture at the Louis Layborne School of Architecture and Design –a fixture within UniSA, however graduating into the global financial crisis of 2008 – he set his sights on an even bigger adventure – Bangkok.

As well as projects in South East Asia, Josh’s time abroad also allowed him to travel and work in New Delhi, India for a new hospital, and similarly to Bethlehem, Palestine to work on its University’s Library, Hospitality School and Nursing School. Josh has also undertaken Design tours of Spain and Japan – however after 5 years abroad – he decided to head home to start the next phase of his career.

Returning to Australia, Josh promptly grasped that Revit was dominating the industry in terms of documentation, and leaned in on all things documentation, technical detailing and delivery. Strengthened by a couple of years in a small engineering firm, as well as a design and construct studio, Josh quickly became a valuable asset in his ability to ‘bridge the gap’ between the aesthetic design of a project, its buildability and finally its delivery, providing designs that both work but stay true to the initial design ethos.

Looking to the future, Josh is interested in technologies that may disrupt the design industry, and others, he keenly follows the Work From Home psychology of the covid crisis and its aftermath, you may find him immersed in his VR goggles, wandering around Revit Models, 3d printing or even flying his drone. But more likely in his spare time, you’re going to find him playing Mario Kart 64, bike riding or doll house arranging with his kids.

Josh’s favourite project

Josh Billington