Virginie Lhermet

Associate / Lifestyle Lead

Virginie originally chose a career in Interior Architecture as it was the only University course that would get her out of countryside France and into the City of Light!

Oh-la-la, our token French friend, Virginie has always been destined for great things. As a teenager, she wanted nothing more than to live in Paris and so she set out on a career path that ended up being her perfect match! 

Passionate about history and creative at heart, Interior design perfectly balanced Virginie’s appreciation for craftsmanship and technical understanding. Virginie believes that good design isn’t just about the “one perfect shot”, but instead about the ability for people to rediscover the space over and over again, appreciating new details every time they are in it. 

This is why she loves hospitality projects – different people, different times, experiencing the same space in different ways. Virginie recognises that we she does has an impact beyond the aesthetic – that design impacts people, their needs and how they use the space. 

Functionality, at its core, is so important and is what makes good design great. As an associate, Virginie is Head of Lifestyle and drives research and technical delivery for the business. At heart, Virginie is a storyteller, able to conceptualise a narrative into a physical space which aims to inspire and delight those who frequent it. 

With a passion for discovery, process & quality, nothing slips by her, ensuring that our standards are high and our designs are unique. She constantly looks for improvement and loves to collaborate with other people by being pushed to design something better and to learn something new. 

Virginie’s perfect day off would start with sailing in the morning, followed by a boozy lunch with friends and finish with a movie!

Virginie’s favourite project