Kristy Ball

Director of Architecture

Born and raised in Australia to a Chinese father and Malaysian mother, cross cultural influences have shaped Kristy's approach to architecture.

Whilst living in Indonesia as a teenager, she became fascinated with how different cultures, environments and ways of living influenced architecture and the built form. After embarking on an engineering degree, she eventually returned to her true passion, transferring to architecture and finishing her masters.

Never one to shy away from a challenge and always seeking out the chance to learn something new, Kristy has held a number of roles in both large practices and boutique firms alike. From luxury houses to Olympic sports precincts, the variety of her work has seen her develop a broad range of skills and experience across the architectural spectrum. Heading up Hot Black’s architectural offering, she brings a holistic approach to her craft.

Staying true to her roots, she sees good architecture as being just as much about understanding people as it is about technical expertise. When she’s not making buildings, Kristy enjoys making dumplings, spring rolls and curries for her family, her friends and herself!

Kristy’s favourite project