Kate Lange

Senior Interior Designer

From school art classes to now - Kate has always been obsessed with the endless possibilities of materials and the creative synergies that they possess.

With over 10 years of industry exposure, Kate has worked on projects spanning from Education, Commercial and Multi- residential dwellings. Her insights, and passion for producing quality, allows her to transform simple hand-scribbled design briefs into sophisticated designs that reflect the client’s identity.

Her design style is dynamic, and she has a penchant for adjusting this style to reflect the clients’ needs. Blending the client briefing with her own unique flair, Kate’s enthusiasm for delivering exceptional outcomes means she places a strong emphasis on communication – both in client engagement and on site – to see the project through.

Kate believes each project is unique, has a unique location and unique clients with different needs. Good design taps into these specific conditions, responds to them and carries the idea or concept through to every detail. The result can be incredibly powerful and the journey rewarding.

Originally from South Africa, Kate’s boyfriend (now husband) encouraged her to come and visit him in Australia many years ago… and to her delight, it wasn’t the arid desert full of kangaroos and rugby players that she’d envisaged. Since then, Kate has put down roots in Australia and now has two beautiful kids. They spend their weekends exploring new locales and taking big family walks to the beach!

Kate’s favourite project