Jessica Lucas

Senior Interior Designer

Encouraged by her mum, Jessica fell in love with design early on and has been fascinated ever since.

Studying Interior Architecture, Jessica got the opportunity to travel to Italy as part of her studies which was the start of a love-affair for cultural design. Inspired by Japanese & Mexican influences, Jessica loves the minimalist approach in which theres actually so much hidden detail and understanding that isn’t necessarily seen with the naked eye.

Driven by sensory design, Jessica enjoys designing beyond what you see visually – she looks to capture elements of touch, smell and sound in her designs too. Jessica loves getting into the details of a project, and can often be relied upon to either steer the project from start to finish, or collaborate with her teammates by injecting her knowledge of materiality and detailing.

Jessica really enjoys getting outdoors to exercise, and has a true appreciation for all things ‘delicious’!

Jessica’s favourite project